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About Bhoomee


Bhoomee is a cutting-edge technology platform created by Bangalore-based Corporation, M5 Info Solutions Private Limited.

The "Agri community" is being transformed by the web-enabled platform Bhoomee, which is integrated with cloud, mobile, and other digital technologies.

Bhoomee aspires to create a new market architecture by uniting all of India's agricultural stakeholders on a single platform to improve visibility, connectivity, and market prospects by bringing information and engagement closer to the farmers.


With a robust on-the-ground marketplace presence, vast worldwide reach, pooled resources, a renowned brand, and a cutting edge supply chain, our strategy is based on dedication to quality equally to our farmers and customers


The mantra is:

"Facilitate Farmerpreneurship” with  “Rural Employment and Empowerment"

Our Goals

Enroll and Serve 

1 crore Indian Farmers

Create 1 lakh Udyami's

Rural Employment

Serve fresh & non-poisonous 

Food to Urban India

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