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Urban agents, wholesalers, merchants, processing firms, e-commerce powerhouses and corporates, as well as local village agents or purchasers, could indeed utilise the platform for their buying needs.


Farmgate: Farm Gate feature makes it simple for the buyers to find what they need and to prepare for what's to come as they will have access to the crop's aggregated statistics based on acreage or yield.
Buyers have the ability to narrow down their search results based on important criteria including the type of product, the amount of land used, the yield, the age and stage of the crop, etc.
Farmers will be promptly informed of any communications from buyers through a notification symbol.

The Bhoomee Mandi: The buyer will be able to submit their commodity requirements—including packing and grading specifications—on any given day, for any commodity, in any place.
The ability for purchasers to list similar items for other buyers will allow them to grow their businesses to new territories and, periodically, liquidate the stock they have on hand.
Also, buyers will be able to find the commodities they need from farmers and buyers in various locations.

Marketing Research: Farmers or other buyers can obtain the most accurate market price for any product since buyers in various locations update the buying price each day, which is linked to the markets across different regions.
Buyers may view the existing pricing in the market for the commodity they trade with, which aids them in determining their buying price.

The Agri supply chain has a wide range of participants, including local village agents or buyers, city agents, wholesalers, retailers, processing firms, e-commerce behemoths, and corporates. Buyers will have access to all of them and be able to expand their social network in the neighbourhood.
The platform assists in bringing together individuals with similar interests in different locations.

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