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Any farmer who owns or leases farmland is eligible to join the Bhoomee platform. Farmers are provided with an array of subscription plans that are tailored to their specific needs based on the type of crop they grow as well as the services they prefer to use.


Crop Visibility: A farmer can add any crop, at any time, with crop and harvest details. Before the harvest, the system will tag the farmer with his name and location and make his crops visible to buyers and sellers.

The Bhoomee Mandi: Farmers will be able to upload already-harvested produce as well as produce that has not yet been harvested (sorted or unsorted), together with the packing method and size, which enables them to connect with more customers from other locations and negotiate a better price.

Crop Profitability: A crop calculator assists farmers in setting budgets for all aspects of farming, from clearing the land to selling their produce. Farmers may then input actual data to determine their profitability for each crop they raise.

Need Postings: Farmers can publish their needs for equipment, machinery, and other resources to buy or hire on this page. Farmers may also list their needs for seeds, crop protection, and growth stimulants. Also, farmers might advertise for other needs such as labour, services, financing, and insurance. In a nutshell, aids in expediting the sourcing of items.

Market Pricing: Farmers get access to current market prices from their neighbourhood marketplaces to markets across the nation. The platform's onboarded buyers update their pricing for the commodities they trade every day, thus accuracy will be quite high. the best decision at the correct time with the aid of this information is invincible.

SOURCE: Find buyers and sellers in your preferred location who are looking for comparable goods and services that you wish to purchase or sell. One can do this with or without posting.

BOOST: The option to boost the posting to multiple locations and different or all categories of buyers and sellers is available at any time, regardless of whether it is a harvest posting or a crop needs posting.

MATCH: This is a unique posting that allows to instantly match the postings with similar postings in different marketplaces to get better connections and immediate results.

LOYALTY: As it is difficult for businesses to develop a close, personal contact with farmers, loyalty programmes assist in recognising and expressing gratitude to them for their continued patronage.

PROMOTIONS: This feature aids farmers in being aware of the deals and discounts that businesses are directly offering to the crops they are farming as well as associated goods and services.

CASH BACK: Every business aspires to publicly thank its clients for their patronage by rewarding them financially. Platform will connect up to take advantage of this opportunity

The app operates on a model that provides assistance through Udyami. Udyamis are a self-employed ground expansion force of Bhoomee providing assistance to the farmers who need support in using Bhoomee Application.

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