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With the Bhoomee platform, any Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) with more than 100 farmer members will be able to combine the criteria for both buying and selling on the platform. To extend the same to their farmers organisation, they must register as an association under a certain type.

Consolidate Crop Visibility: The FPO coordinator will have access to an aggregated view of the crops that their farmers are growing. In order to further determine the appropriate requirements, the FPO Coordinator will be able to filter the crop by age, acreage, and yield.

Consolidated Needs: Each farmer who is a part of the FPO may post their needs on the platform individually or with assistance; the data will be compiled and made available to the FPO coordinator.
The aforementioned details will aid FPO in understanding members' requirements and sourcing products from various sellers across the nation through the platform. Collective demand of requirements from members is an advantage to procure the same at better price and get better quality.

Communication: Furthermore, all communications from buyers and sellers directly reach the mobile number of the FPO coordinator. Each Farmer member of the organisation provides crop details separately, and virtually every detail relating to their crop is shown under their name.

The technological interface allows the FPO coordinator to communicate with farmers, buyers, and / or sellers at the same time directly.

With a special username and password, FPO can register as a stakeholder. Only those farmers' information will be accessible to FPO after being added to their FPO group by FPO. FPO can also enrol additional farmers in that area.

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