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The Bhoomee platform can be used by nurseries, services, rentals & labour providers, manufacturers of agricultural products, financial institutions, and insurance companies.


Farmgate: The Farm Gate feature makes it simple for sellers to locate potential buyers (farmers) and helps them plan for their future needs. Here, sellers will have access to the crop's aggregated statistics based on acreage or yield.
Sellers have the choice to narrow their search for their needs based on important criteria including the type of commodity, the amount of land used, the yield, the age of the crop, and the stage of the crop.
Farmers will receive rapid notification of sellers' attempts to contact them through a notification symbol.

Post a Need: Furthermore, sellers can advertise their needs to other sellers, namely manufacturers, distributors, and dealers. They can quickly get goods from various regions, especially when there are supply and demand issues.
Also, to market their goods in new territories, product makers can quickly locate dealers and merchants. This would serve as an effective launch pad for a new product in the current supply chain infrastructure.
Service providers who find it difficult to gain business or who are more dependent on middlemen can get it directly.

Promote: For the sales and promotions of their merchandise, sellers will be able to source farmers. Sellers can target them and minimize their marketing expenses by knowing precisely how many farmers are farming a specific crop in a given area.
They can communicate with farmers collectively or privately. Promotions can be made instantaneously by text, speech, and visual media. The likelihood of sales is increased because the farmer will be immediately notified of the enquiry raised.

The sellers will have access to all of the many stakeholders in the Agri-input supply chain, including local retailers and representatives, dealers, distributors, manufacturers, and e-commerce conglomerates, in order to strengthen their social networks. The platform assists in bringing together individuals with similar interests across different locations.
To further boost the trust factor, Bhoomee will soon introduce seller validation and a ranking system based on portal user reviews.

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