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Bhoomee Udyami is an innovative business initiative for rural India that is centred on agriculture. The initiative aims to develop entrepreneurs while also resolving farmers' local farming challenges. These Udyamis are connected to the FPO and FPC. They will serve as an extension force for FPOs and FPCs on the ground, providing services to them.

There are numerous solutions, innovations, practices, and technological advancements being made every day to increase the profitability of agribusiness, yet the majority of these advancements are not reaching the farmers because it takes time and money to deliver them through a straightforward platform. Also, none of these solutions have been able to strike a balance between affordability and access.

Delivering such solutions and services to farmers' doorsteps will be made possible in large part by the Bhoomee platform and the Bhoomee Udyami. The fundamental goal of the Bhoomee platform is to unify the entire Agri community under one platform to increase community members' visibility and opportunities.

Based on their capabilities and efforts, where they currently live, Bhoomee assures that these Udyamis earn anywhere between 10K and 50K every month.

Opportunities for income as a Bhoomee Entrepreneur
1. Farmers' registration to the Platform
2. Agri input sales through ecommerce helper model
3. Crop services
4. Agricultural product sales
5. General Services

Interested Udyami can register voluntarily by downloading Bhoomee App. He will be provided with proper training on various aspects of business. Based on his location and crops grown in his region he can align his business.

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