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Bhoomee Platform

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Agri Digital Services

Bhoomee Digital Services have been designed with farmers' needs in mind. Enrolled farmers can submit their crops, harvests, and any other needs that arise during the crop cycle through Udyami’s, FPOs or directly to the platform, and the framework will automatically connect them to the appropriate stakeholders.

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Agri Produce Services

At key areas, buyers can access Hobli Level Horticultural Collection Centres for specialised produce supply. Sorting, grading, and other standards will be carried out and dispatched in accordance with the demands of specific buyers. Future plans call for similar centres to source grains and pulses.

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Agri Product Services

In order to assist farmers, Bhoomee Agri Product Services provides information on the precautions and hazards specific to the region and crop so they can be forewarned and take appropriate action.

Bhoomee Mobile App

Farmers, FPOs, Buyers, and Sellers can all use the Bhoomee Mobile App as a holistic solution. Each of them gains greater visibility, connectedness, and access to a wide range of markets. The App's intelligence and immediate connectivity to the appropriate stakeholder within the platform are its Unique Selling Points.

Bhoomee Rural E-Commerce

Bhoomee Rural eCommerce is an inclusive platform that enables regional farmers to access a diverse range of products while also allowing local input sellers in remote locations to promote and sell their goods. By expanding Udyamis' services for both ordering and delivering, the biggest challenge for small farmers regarding education and smartphone usage are addressed. Platform gives businesses the freedom to select the market segment they want to serve.

Bhoomee Urban E-Commerce

TAZA is a B2C, Multivendor Marketplace platform that features a mobile app and eCommerce platform that makes ethical food trade simple, fast, and transparent. We facilitate transactions by providing end-to-end logistical services via our digital platform and network of service partnerships.
Our inclusion programme facilitates direct contact between Farmers/FPOs and Customers. To accomplish this, we created a one-of-a-kind gateway solution that allows customers to directly donate money to farmers if they enjoy a particular produce and want to express their gratitude for the farmer's labour in growing it.

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