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Urban Customer

We are an organization that brings together farmer and consumer with collective resources, a sophisticated supply chain and extensive on-the-ground marketplace operations. At the heart of our strategy is a dedication to quality, reduce the middle layer and a commitment to our urban consumers.


We offer a B2C, multi-vendor marketplace platform TAZA via mobile app and eCommerce platform, making it simple, quick, and transparent to trade fair food by connecting both Farmers and Consumers.
In addition to providing alternatives for product quality checks and end-to-end logistical services, we also accept payments between buyers and sellers online. Using our digital platform and a network of service partnerships, we drive these transactions.

• Constant accessibility to a world market from any location at any time.

• Secured and integrated platform payment procedures.

• Mobile app-based support for customer delivery.

• The orders are quality-checked and packed at the place of origin, the farm.

• Ensured quality for bulk orders as well

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